This will make your work day more effective

No doubt you feel when morning had another day’s work or even when working lunch you might feel sleepy because of fatigue. It would be very disturbing way you work. Actually, you need not worry it will not happen if you follow the tips in order to stay fresh and focused work. Here are tips to overcome this:
1. Make sure you sleep 8 hours a day
After a day of activities will make your body tired and weary brain. Make sure you have enough sleep time is 8 hours per day. This will calm the mind and make your body back fresh the next morning. In addition to sleep 8 hours also makes our body protected from various diseases. As obesity to heart.
2. Get up early at least 1 hour of before you leave for work.
Increasingly morning you wake up it will be more fit body, blood circulation in the body will become more fluent. And organs in the body such as the lungs and brain will work more optimally. For the morning air is so cool, clean and nice to breathe. By doing so, you will be more relaxed and not rushed.
3. After getting out of bed do not forget to drink water
The most simplistic and useful is when you wake up and direct drinking water. But many people forget this. At least you should drink water at least 1-3 glasses of water after waking up.
This will help kill the toxins in your body, cleanse the intestines and make it easier to absorb the nutrients that come in, helping the formation of new blood cells, and of course you can make a good mood in the morning.
4. Do stretching before bathing
Stretching the right choice when you are lazy to exercise in the morning. Benefits of stretching in the morning you are to make your day becomes more and more effective. Not only that, you also have become more enthusiastic start the morning although with the work that will make you tired.
5. Breakfast nutritious
Working in an empty stomach will only make you not be excited and easily fatigued. Therefore start your morning with a nutritious breakfast like whole wheat bread, a glass of milk and water that will make you more focused on work.

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