Tasksetting and Management: What Business Owners Can Do to Help Make the Road a Better Place to Be

Driving is tiring and exhausting. Yet, delivery drivers do it all day with little to no fanfare. How do they deal with the craziness of the road? Better yet, what can company leaders and drivers alike do to create a safer road for all?

Minimize the Small Tasklist

Delivery drivers may have a hundred things to do. Many of these tasks could be done in a few minutes. Perhaps many of them can be done while on the road. By offering drivers a long list of things to do, owners are just asking for trouble. They are asking drivers to potentially do a few of these things while driving, considering they are safe and fine. It should be well understood by all that drivers should only be driving. No responding to customer emails. Not answering phone calls. Driving is for driving.

The problem does not rest just in the drivers. It rests with the business owner largely because they can create a rushed atmosphere that encourages driving and multi-tasking. Keep the atmosphere relaxed. Accentuate that driving is solely for driving. Hold back on a few of the small tasks and turn them into larger projects. Small tasks could be enticing as a quick little thing to do while behind the wheel.

For example, a staff member or a few could screen calls while on-site. They can then see if the driver is on a delivery. They can send a message to give a client a call when they have a chance. There are many ways to create this kind of set-up. Basically, discourage small tasks and relegate them to non-drivers whenever possible.

Reasonable Breaks

This strategy is hardly a strategy at all. It also bares little explanation. Drivers should be offered regular breaks. These should be scheduled so they are not taken advantage of. Breaks also help relax the atmosphere. Driving is mentally exhausting, especially in some of these cities in the country that will not go named.

Visit http://homebusinessmag.com/businesses/how-to-guides-businesses/getting-faster-safety-strategies-delivery-drivers-always-hurry/ for a long list of safe commercial driving techniques. These are things drivers can do directly. But, many of them can be applied on a wide scale. Bring these considerations up to the team and at a meeting to create company-wide change.