Don’t Face An OUI Charge Alone – Speak To A Lawyer For Help

No one will deny that driving while intoxicated is dangerous. Dangerous for the operator of the motor vehicle and dangerous for other innocent drivers on the road. Of course, there are always two sides to every story and it’s important that the accused driver’s rights are protected during this most difficult time. Charges and penalties can be stiff, even for a first offense. A suspended driver’s license is usually a given for someone charged with an OUI, but the length of the suspension may vary, depending on the circumstances. Though a first-time offender will not have the long-standing penalties of a repeat offender, penalties for both can have severe impacts on freedom and finances.

Dealing with the aftermath of an OUI charge can be confusing, whether guilty or not. Hiring an OUI lawyer, such as one from, will help to keep the penalties as light as possible. For those wrongly accused of this crime, a lawyer will put together a case to defend their client and attempt to prove their innocence. Cooperation with an alcohol breath test is important. Though some drivers may try to avoid it due to its incriminating nature, those with a driver’s license are legally obligated to submit to the test if OUI is suspected. By refusing the test, the driver may very well increase the charges and penalties related to their situation.

Without an attorney, most accused can expect the standard penalties, if found guilty of the charges. For most actually charged with OUI, a loss of driving privileges is usually unavoidable. An attorney will attempt to lessen these charge or penalties the driver may face. Just by decreasing the time of a suspended driver’s license, or successfully obtaining a client’s driver’s license for work related activities can help keep employment during this time. Likewise, an attorney may suggest the driver install an IID, Ignition Interlock Device, in their car ensuring the court the driver will not drive after drinking. This will further increase the likelihood of safe driving and possibly result in a reduced sentence.

Facing potentially serious charges such as OUI can be confusing and life-altering. Don’t try to navigate through them alone. Speak to a lawyer, who will help guide their client through this difficult time and see them through to the other side.