Post in multiple Facebook groups at once Google Docs Spreadsheet.

This is a Postcron feature that will appeal to advanced users who do not know how to post on facebook group and to save a lot of time uploading content.

The purpose of this feature is only to automate the publications in all the accounts a long several days, or months. 
This feature give to socia media managers their lives back, who used to spend many hours of their time on this kind of tedious task.
If you are able to schedule a list of posts from an Google Docs, this will makes a huge difference in productivity. 
But, how does it work? 
You only have to order text, links, and videos in your spreadsheet. 
Postcron will do all the work to schedule and publish your content, according to the specifications.
Basically, it’s allows you to save energy by just spending time to create it.
If you want to use this feature, the only first thing you have to do is create an Google Docs Spreadsheet with all the posts you would like to schedule. 
Here’s a Google Docs spreadsheet  to help you get started with Postcron facebook autoposter.